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    My name is Isabelle Woodward and I'm 47years old. On July 3rd 2015 following a full hysterectomy I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3. I decided not to proceed with the chemo therapy that was being suggested and instead researched into alternative ways to care for myself.
    For the first three months my naturopath prescribed me:
    Homepathic remedies :Aurum D15, LuesinumD15 and LC1
    Bromelaine 200g
    Vitamin C liposomale
    coffee enemas (low roast organic e.g.Gerson coffee) everyday for the first month then every three to four days for the second month

    He also gave me the following recomendations for my diet :

    a) vegan as much as possible and if not possible then keeping to eggs, oily fish and white meat
    b) eating raw as much as possible
    c) no dairy products
    d) gluten free
    e) no sugar (fruit allowed)
    f) no alcohol
    g) no vegetables from the nightshade family (tomato, potato, aubegine, pepper etc)
    h) no soya products except those which are fermented
    i) herbal or green tea instead of black tea or coffee
    j) avoid: vinegar, white salt, fried food, micro-waved food or tinned food
    k) filtered water the least mineralised possible (Mt Roucous, Montcalm, Vulcania, Rosée de la Reine)
    l) Zeste and juice of 1 lemon per day
    m) 1 tbs spoon raw walnut oil

    All Organic !

    The above recommendations are personalised but I've noted them for reference

    To this I added every day :
    n) freshly milled linseed (kept in the fridge)
    o) raw garlic, tumeric and ginger
    p) 5 bitter almonds (from apricot kernals) spaced out throughout the day
    q) licorice herbal tea
    r) germinated seeds
    s) parsley
    t) cabbage family
    u) lacto fermented vegetables
    v) walnuts

    After I had used up the natural medcine prescribed to me by my naturopath I decided to follow Philip Day's « B17  metabolic therapy protocol » from his book « Cancer , why we're still dying to know the truth »
    The protocol is as follows :
    -Vitamin B17
    – Anti candida diet
    -Megazyme Forte Plus (enzyme tablets)
    -orale vitamin C complex
    -B complex
    -Vit D3
    -Lugol's Iodine
    -Vitamin A &E emulsion drops
    -Astragalus + Echinacea capsules
    -Allicin from Alli tech liquid from Dulwich Health, London tel : 020 86705883
    -I alternated one month allicin with one month wormwood (anti-parasite)
    -otherwise the trio:black walnut husk, wormwood and clove kills the maximum amount of different parsites/fungus/bacteria according to Dr Hulda CLARK
    -once a week magnesium oxide
    -psyllium husks to help to avoid constipation and to clean the bowels
    -minimum of 20 minutes aerobic exercise everyday
    -Sunbathing for Vitamin D as soon as the weather permits

    -I also had accupuncture and applied kinesiologie sessions

    I have to admit that I didn't stick to Philip Day's protocol to the letter, especially the anti-candida diet which is incredibly strict. It is basically only raw vegetables (except root vegatables), raw seeds and nuts (ideally sprouted), raw good quality oils, especially : coconut, krill, avocado, flaxseed, grape, hemp, olive, primrose and walnut. And of course lots of good quality water and herbal teas. But I obviously stuck to the diet I was on before.

    On top of the diet, natural medcine and enemas I walked on average one hour a day everyday and sometimes alternating with mountain biking in a hilly landscape to make it more aerobic. Basically you're looking for exercise which makes you breath harder and makes your heart pump faster. Luckily it was summer so I could sunbath lots.

    I developed thrombosis in both my legs just before my hysterectomy and was put on coumadine (blood thinner) and support stockings until I was declared in remisson seven months later. I learnt later that cancer often thickens the blood and hence increases the chance of forming blood clots in the veins. Therefore I encourage you to eat foods that thin the blood e.g. linseed, pumpkin seed, walnuts, canola oil, garlic, vit E and nattokinase (from fermented soya). I did however have a big dilema as I was told to not take any of the items mentioned above as it would interfere with the coumadine! Had I been able to find someone who had experience treating thrombosis naturally I would have willingly stopped the coumadine but as this was not the case I thought it unwise to stop. I did however decide to continue taking the natural blood thinners anyway.

    To get an idea if what I was doing was helping eradicate the caner I took a blood test every month to check on the level of cancer cells in my blood called a CA 125. The amount acceptable in a healthy person is under 35 U/ml :

    05 june 2015 345,20 U/ml
    10 june 2015 486,00 U/ml
    operation 3 july 2015
    17 august 2015 107,10 U/ml
    08 september 2015 72,90 U/ml
    15 october 2015 71,80 U/ml
    9 november 2015 86,50 U/ml this slight rise stressed me out big time !
    23 decembre 2015 62,00 U/ml
    02 february 2016 33,80 U/ml Time to celebrate !!!

    To regain a level of peace and calmness within myself I started relaxation, meditation and visualisation. Youtube helped me enormously getting used to these techniques. These sessions became an important part of my day. With practice I was able to meditate without these guides. Once I had appreciated the power of the mind over the physical « mind over matter » I could understand why visualising my body getting healthy was so important.
    I also came to believe that I had created my cancer through longstanding negative thinking patterns and maybe emotional blockages. This belief helped me stop thinking that I was a « victim » and helped me identify which were my negative thinking patterns that might have led to this disease in my body.

    I think the expression « war on cancer » is one of the worst we have had to hear innumerable times this century. I believe your cancer is not your enemy but your body's/soul's last desperate attempt to get you to wake up and make changes vital for your physical and spiritual wellbeing.
    Very often we have nigerling health issues for years that we try and ignore or fob off with medcine. I know that I personally had health issues like athelete's foot and ringworm (a skin fungus), headaches, chronic mastoid (ear bone) infections and terrible bloating for as long as I can remember and psycologically I was much more stressed than I allowed myself to admit. I even had a little voice in my head telling me for years that I really should meditate.

    My cancer gave me the courage to change. I honestly don't think anything else would have been enough. I have also refound my sense of humour and feel more peaceful.

    Keeping up your moral
    If you are going through a period of anguish do try everything possible to refind some lightness and creativity to your life. Watch your favorite comedies, do something you've always dreamed of doing but always had « reasons « why you couldn't do it. Take up a class and let your artistic juices flow : singing, dancing, theater, painting, find your inner clown, why not gardening or sailing. What ever speaks to you the most.
    There a also centers designed especially for giving cancer patients emotional support and alternative therapies. I went to one called Centre de Ressource in Aix-en provence which was invaluable at a time when I could feel my moral plumeting. This center is run mainly by vounteers including professionals who offer a vast array of services for free.

    Centre Ressource

    I was declared in remisson the 5th february 2016, seven months after my diagnosis and all is well two years later.

    Since that date I have done two water fasts (for 4 days and 6 days respectively) to continue the detoxification process. If I had known the benefits of fasting while I was ill I would have certainly incorporated this therapy into my protocol, or at least vegetable juice fasting.

    The books that I recommend are :

    1/ Cancer – why we're still dying to know the truth Philip DAY
    2/ The cure for all cancers Hulda CLARK
    3/ Mum's not having chemo Laura BOND
    4/ Anti-Cancer David SERVAN-SCHREIBER
    (for those who want to combine chemo with alternative medcine)
    5/ Foods to fight cancer Professor Richard BELIVEAU et Dr Denis GINGRAS
    6/ The solution lies within – Towards a new medcine of mind and body
    Thierry JANSSEN
    7/ The new life fasting guide Hellmut LÜTZNER

    Documentary's that I recommend:

    1/The Truth About Cancer
    2/ Forks Over Knives
    3/ The Beautiful Truth
    4/ Dying to have Known
    5/ Cut, Poison, Burn
    6/ Cancer, The Forbidden Cures
    7/ Le Jêune : Une nouvelle therapie? – Thierry de Lastrade
    8/ A World Without Cancer – Edward Griffin (explains well how B17 works to destroy cancer cells)
    9/ The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest

    and loads of personnal accounts on youtube of people curing themselves naturally from cancer.

    Check out also Dr Hulda Clark who explains well the importance of riding oneself of heavy metals, solvents and parasites (including fungus and bacteria). And also detoxing from the « bottom up » i.e. the intestine's have to be in perfect working order so that when when the toxins start being flushed out they can evacuate as quickly as possible so that they are not reabsorbed by the gut and therefore re-poisoning you. One can then clean out the kidney's then the liver and lastly the heavy metals.

    I would like to thank all the people who have given their time and shared their expertise or experiences on the internet which enabled me to make more informed decisions and feel less alone. For all the first hand accounts of people who have sucessfully overcome cancer with natural methods which were a huge inspiration for me and helped me have the confidence to stick to my guns. Also those who offered free guided meditations, visualisations and beautiful musique which were my emotional lifebuoys.

    And lastly I am eternally grateful to my family, children and partner for having showed me so much love, gentleness, generosity and respect through this journey. Without their support I do not know if I would have had the courage to stick it through as of course there were moments of doubt.

    Love to you all



    Isabelle, thanks for the report. I'm very happy for you!

    Did you consider addressing dental infections–root canals, wisdom tooth cavatations? There are some encouraging reports and theory about that–Dr Kleinwaks, Dr J Tennant, etc. (starting at 25minutes)

    Did you monitor your vitamin D levels with periodic blood tests? The change in sunlight from season to season seems to make it tricky to maintain high-normal levels safely.

    You are not alone in your success against ovarian cancer.

    Cancer Survivor Story: Susan Ellington (Ovarian Cancer)



    I have a recurrence of ovarian cancer and about to start chem again. I could not find anything of the items you took here in the United States. How do I find a doctor like the one who got you going? Thank you very much. Colleen



    Hi Colleen
    Do you not have naturopaths in the USA?
    For Philip Day's protocol, I used his site to order the products he recommends

    Hope this helps

    Good luck



    Colleen, I'm sorry about that recurrence. You should not have a problem finding most of the items Isabelle listed; however, only a few will be in the average pharmacy. You'll need specialty vitamin shops or online vitamin suppliers.

    Where are you located?

    Notice our site provides maps to help you find medical pros who provide support for various protocols. Some medical pros provide Skype call support. It might not be easy to find an integrative oncologist. Mainstream, insurance doctors will not likely be of any help. Even many integrative doctors will not be able to treat a cancer patient, especially one who is currently being treated by an oncologist. Medical boards can be tough on them. That's a topic for another day.

    I recommend the book by neurosurgeon, R. Blaylock containing tips for making dietary changes and tips for blenderizing (juicing). This can help to protect your body while taking chemo. He thinks substances have been found that make the chemo more effective against cancer while protecting your healthy cells. You should find a copy on

    How good is chemo for your cancer?

    I just finished Dr Tennant's book on cancer. I am left convinced that dental infection–root canals, etc– is likely a puzzle piece for many people with cancer. He ties that into theories about the use of alkaline foods, reduced stress, various supplements and so much more. He makes a rather compelling argument.



    Hi Isabelle, thank you for sharing this amazing story! I'm sure It will inspire others.



    Thank you for sharing your amazing story.



    Hi Isabelle, my name is Holly and my mum has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer as firstly I would like to say how amazing and inspirational we have found your post. We have Immediately adopted a raw vegan diet and have made great use of your information. We are now looking for a naturopath and wondered if you would recommend the one you used? If so where we go to find them?

    Thanks again
    Holly xx



    Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

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