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    Can anyone here share how you track the size and progress of your cancer, other than going for the usually harmful PET CT scan, CT scan and MRI?
    My father has been asked to go for a PET scan this month as he completes three months post his radiation treatment. The docs say there is regression but residual growth still inside.
    I'm skeptical to do the conventional CT scans simply because they're going to put in sugar for the contrast!

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi there,

    Good question. Here is our page on evaluating progress:



    Hi, controlling the galectin-3 level in your blood seems to be very useful. Cancer cells require Galectin 3 as a glue, which holds them together to form a tumor. Moreover, galectin-3 helps to enable angiogenesis and suppresses Apoptosis of the cancer cells. Thus, the G-3 level is a measure of tumor-activity and metastasis trend.
    All the best for you *Wolfgang*



    Well.sounds good.

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