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    Last Monday, my uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and was told he would die in 6-12 months. I've heard about alternative treatments for years, but until now, I haven't had a need to recommend them to anyone. Now that I do, I find myself unsure of how to do that. My uncle, like the rest of my family on my mother's side, is a big believer in doctors and conventional medical methods. In fact, to my surprise, he got himself an oncologist that was “in the neighborhood,” the very first one that was recommended, without researching any other treatments or doctors at all.

    I'm not extremely close to him, but I see him once or twice a year. He's a great guy and we always have a great time when he's around. I do love him very much and I'd like to see him explore other options and get other opinions. But when you get right down to it, it's really none of my business. A subject like this is best handled by his immediate family members: his sisters, his sons, his wife and his grandchildren. Who am I to tell him that he's going about it all wrong? I can't possibly do that. Is there an organization or someone who can contact him and tell him what he should know and leave me out of that equation? Could someone cold-call him and tell him that he should explore other treatment options? Maybe explain some things over the phone to him and possibly make an appointment for an office visit? I'm sure if he heard about some of these other treatments and their success rates, he would try them. But he wouldn't listen to me. I know that without even trying. So, if there's anyone out there who is a doctor or works at an alternative treatment center, let me know if you do that kind of thing, or if you WOULD do that. He lives in Greenfield Indiana, by the way. Thank you!

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Hempman,

    Realistically, it's very difficult to ‘convince' a family member or friend who relies heavily on orthodox medicine to take a look at what alternative treatments can offer. You can give them the information with a gentle nudge. They must be receptive to the information on their own.

    One way that can help open the door is to suggest some supplemental treatments they can use alongside the more orthodox treatments. You can find our list here:

    Also, here are a couple of pages on using supplemental treatments while using chemotherapy that can both minimize the damage it can cause, and maximize its efficiency:

    I hope that's helpful.

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