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    I'm a 36 yr old mum of two young bubs who was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer when I was 33 after the birth of my son. I went the conventional treatment route (because the cancer world was new to me and I regretfully took Drs words as gospel). Was treated with folfox however after 6 rounds it wasn't working – It mets'd to my lungs (6 sml spots). They switched me to fulfuri and avastin. The cancer disappeared and I completed the full 12 rounds on this. I had a few surgeries, the big 2 were removing a portion of my bowel and my liver section. After this I switched to a very natural healthy lifestyle 9 months ago – went vegan, incorporated lots of juicing, exercise, yoga, began liposomal vitamin C and CBD and THC oils plus chinese teas and supplements. I have been increasing the CBD and THC oils gradually however early this year in January I developed 2 small nodules on my stomach cavity wall that are inoperable. Drs want to do chemo and radiation however I've refused and am pumping myself full of as much natural healthy stuff as I can. The spots aren't disappearing and I'm due for another ultrasound late this month. I know they are there still and spreading still because I feel them in different areas all over my back. I'm desperately trying to find what information I can. I am limited with time for research because I care for my 2 and 3 year olds in amongst dealing with all of my health issues. I can't find much on recurrent colon cancer but from what I can it seems hopeless given my situation??? I am still believing I can kick this and that I have to figure out how to rebalance and rebuild my system – I dont care what I have to do I will do it. If anybody can shed any light or point me in the right direction I would be so very very grateful. Thank you – exhausted mumma here.



    Did you get a coach from cancertutor? If it was me, I would get a coach.



    I havent got one I didn't realise I could – thank you I'll look into it more.



    I only know of Mike Vrentez. His info is with the Celect-Budwig here at cancertutor. Good luck. Don't give up!



    Thank you so much I'll have another look. I couldn't see that the tutoring program was up and running yet. Looks like it's still being finalised. I'll look up Mike. Thanks again



    If you look in the colon cancer section under the heading “Help. New rectum cancer diagnosis”, I describe in detail a very simple exercise technique (your in a sit up position tensing your stomach muscles for 90 seconds without moving) that I used to get rid of what I thought was colon cancer. You might only have to do it once, if you're lucky. It is far simpler than altering your diet.

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