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    He found out just a few weeks ago and the Oncologist says he has only a few days left to live. The kidney cancer has metastasised to liver. What to do?
    Mikael Wall


    Theoretical Cat

    Hi, I hope your friend is better than expected.
    There is so very much hope the you will not find within medical dogma.
    Please start with this playlist and make your own informed decision. Never just take what anyone says at face value, regardless of the letters that may accompany their name.

    Peace and strength sent your way,
    theoretical cat



    Hello everybody ,

    Ihave RCC for 3 monthes ago and Iam despaired , I started DCP befor 1,5 Month and and my Lab- Results are getting back normal (CRP <1 , ERS :14/30 ,and Thrombocytes :263,000) , CT was done today and the result compared with CT befor 3 Monthes indicated that the Metastase are more and greater in the Lungs and Liver.
    I stayed 2 Months without Treatment (2 Months after the first CT ) and I did not make CT at the begin of treatment in order to compare with CT after treatment.
    dose that means that the metastase were greater at the begining of Treatment and becam smaller after that ?
    or I have to change the treatment Protocol to another ?

    Iam feeling better and I have no complaints.
    but iam really despaired after CT, I really appreciate any help and aswer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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