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    My 19 year old son recently had brain surgery to remove a massive 5 cm grade 2 ependymoma. His surgeon and everyone on his medical team are very confident that the entire tumor was removed. The tumor was in a ventricle so there was no damage at all to his brain function. However, there is some difference of opinion on whether radiation treatment is necessary or not since the resection was so perfect. One doctor says just being a grade 2 ependymoma is reason enough to do proton therapy. Another says that insurance may not cover proton therapy so the only option is the alternative more invasive radiation therapy. He says that given that there isn't any tumor left it is too risky to use traditional radiation therapy on the chance some cancer cells still exist. But proton therapy, if accessible, is an option or we can just monitor the situation with regular imaging. My son and I do not want to use radiation at all, but if given the option we might consider the proton therapy as we are told it is a much safer way to radiate any remaining cancer cells that could be percent. Nonetheless, he developed 2 blood clots in his leg and lung. He is now on anticoagulant drugs so some natural therapies are not doable. I am totally overwhelmed trying to find ways to help my son! there is so much information about cancer cures online and I am so pleased to read that so many are able to beat cancer using natural less harmful treatments than those used in the medical community. While there is so much to learn I find little information specifically for the natural treatment of ependymomas because these are rare tumors. I want to do everything to prevent my son from undergoing any of the harsh cancer treatments offered through traditional medicine and prevent cancer from returning. I feel that now is the time to blast his body with an arsenal of immune building therapies as well as natural cancer fighting therapies, especially for the next few months, as any cells left behind could grow in to another more aggressive tumor. If anyone has any advice or information for us to help us learn about the BEST NATURAL THERAPIES FOR EPENDYMOMAS that could help my son please-please reply!! Thank you!

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