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    i am trying to help my husband who was diagnosed with melanoma over 2 years ago. He has been going to MD Anderson cancer center where he is scanned every 3 months. He had a scan in april which showed something but the dr. said it was something wrong with the film and never rescanned him. He began to feel terrible with pain in his right groin where he had the surgery to remove the tumor and they took some lymph nodes. he was in and out of ER a ct scan showed something oncologist said to go back to cancer center and let them know so they did a PT scan and the dr said his cancer is back and is aggresive. he was to get a biopsy the following day but all of a sudden his insurance was out of network so we changed it this was nearly three weeks ago i have tried to get this biopsy through other places but hit road blocks each time. well he gets a biopsy on the 6th but we have been without any support. the doctors have shown little to no concern for him and have not tried to make sure he is doing things to keep his health up. i believe in alternative approaches to help in wellness but i dont know where to start with the protocol recommended for melanoma. Please help i dont want to lose my husband.

    Tara: Cancer Tutor
    Tara: Cancer Tutor

    Hi Salina,

    Just for reference, here is our page on melanoma:

    If you email at I can forward you on to our High RF Support Team who can answer any questions you have on the High RF portion of our suggested treatments.

    We usually suggest starting with a liver flush:

    As for the Dirt Cheap Protocol, we recommend at least 14 items from the list:

    Just start with the ones that you are most comfortable with and add to your list until you are where you want to be.

    I hope that helps.


    Thank you Tara I was wondering what type or brand of liiver flush would you recommend? I also would like to know how much beta glucan to have him take at 500 mg a pill. he weighs about 160 right now?



    Salina, No Doc here and currently go9ing thru this Hell with Wife! My suggestion would be to Find an Alternative Clinic that Does Ozone infusion. A lot of Ins. Co. won't pay for it so if You have out-of-pocket abilities, go for it. Ozone infusion, IV hi-dose Vit C, IV glutathione, and check his Vit D level (Blood Test). Get the Blood work done immediately to help identify the cause, then You can make a more informed decision on urgency/protocol. Wife had extremely low Vit D levels and High HPV-6 (human pap virus) counts. get the blood cleaned and Alkaline, and then get it jacked up with O2 and Then get serious about the Gerson Therapy. Use whatever and as many Protocols You can afford to attack this. I could go on for days but I wish You the Best. The Docs don't care because they have to follow the playbook they are given and a lot of it just turns into a money game



    I'm in a similar “beginner” situation. My sister was diagnosed with cancer less than a day ago. The doctors have not even said the “kind” of cancer it is. The nightmare is that it is in her lungs, spine, lymph nodes and elsewhere. Apparently it is everywhere in her body now.

    I don't know what to do and I feel like I have to try something. The doctors are going to give her her prognosis today, but with that degree of spreading, it is sure to be not long to live.

    Can anyone indicate what “nuclear” options could exist and have some kind of a chance? A friend mentioned mixing CBD oil with DMSO and administering it topically to get it into the blood stream rapidly. A keto diet could possibly help, but of course that's long and hard and there's still 10% of cancers that are not helped by ketogenic regiments since those can use glutamine.

    I just don't know what to do!




    So happy to find this site for some help. I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer back in Jan this year. They wanted to rush me into surgery in two days. After seeing the test I could see the tumor. But, they were sure. I said no to any surgery and ask about any other way. They said no. I have been denied any out of network treatment. Stage I small tumor.
    I believe in alternatives.
    Never been seriously ill before. No surgeries before or broken bones. No flu shots. Have been trying to eat healthy. Do not drink, smoke, do drugs, no fast foods, no beef or pork. I have been waiting for another deny letter from my appeal now.
    Please, help me? I saw one protocol for kidney. The MSM and Vitamin C. I tried the Liquid Vitamin C and it really makes me feel strong. I am waiting for the MSM to come. This Vitamin C that I taking is natural with no additives in 1000 mg. I would like to high dose this to maybe 10, 20,000 per day with the msm if that is good to do.

    I need to know what to do that is correct for positive and fast results. Have tried “juicing” and lost a lot of weight. Maybe I did it wrong. So, I found a cancer soup to try. Chicken broth,brown rice,chicken breast, dice cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, carrots. With this I feel really good. On top of this I add little olive oil, add little tumeric and sprinkle little pepper. No blood in my urine or stool.
    I take lots of vitamins and herbs. Tumeric, minerals,carrot juice, magnesium, selenium, milk thistle.
    I have no family help, no friends. Retired, low income.

    Don't know if I am doing the correct thing to beat this. Can someone please help me?

    PS: Just want to say THANKS to all that put this site up. I understand that you are understaffed with a very big job. You greatly needed with the kind of world we live in. It is so sad that medicine has “sold out” to crooks for money.


    You might want to check out these link- they include clinical studies showing benefit for cancer.


    4-Allspice- Pimenta dioica,…

    Vit C- there are 3 ways to take C
    1- ascorbic acid- after about 10G you get to bowl intolerance.
    2- IV C, that put alot of C into the blood stream, but you need it in the cells.
    3- loposomal C- that will take C and put it into the cell as the phospholipid coating of the liposomal C allows it to enter the cell, as the cell is also coated with phospholipid.
    IV C is high dose, loposomal can provide the same benefit with lower amounts.
    a lot of what you are taking is healthy, but it won't deal directly with cancer. You want a product that clinical studies show it has a “killer” effect or a slowing down of cancer.

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