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    edgars alksnis
    edgars alksnis

    Pancreatic cancer remains hard nut also for alternative medicine. First, it has poor blood supply (therefore, chemo is practically not effective against primary cancer). Second, place is poor accessible. Third, dangers of pancreatitis, bile flow blockade, internal bleeding, etc. Fourth, in direct consequence of Warburg theory, metastasis are fast growing.
    When I (former medicinal chemist) met patient around last Christmas, his blood pH was 6, urine pH was 4, stent in bile duct. Tumor was between body and tail of pancreas, with some in gallbladder and on abdominal membrane. Every doctor will tell You, that there are clear death signs. However, with standard medicinal means against acidosis blood pH can be brought back to 7.25 and high RF equipment can repress metastasis effectively enough (CA 19-9 low range).
    Disaster treatment thus falls in two stages:

    1. out of overall crisis (normalising patient's biochemistry and repressing metastasis).
    2. winning the battle.

    If here are no complications like bleeding, first stage thus look manageable (tumor in head of pancreas might be more difficult to manage- but these, as I understand, doctors operate).
    Second stage asks for heavy consideration of difficult biochemical aspects and holistic medicine, but do not look so dramatic, because tumor in pancreas (as far I know) is considered as slow growing.
    Recent literature shows, that cancer biochemistry is not as easy as in Warburg theory. Cancer can switch metabolism to normal- oxidative phosphorylation, exploit hypoxia inducable factor machinery even in conditions of normal oxygen supply.
    So, treatment looks more as science not as practice. Targeting several biochemical aspects of cancer development + high RF therapy. Than time by time cancer cells looses masking feature and immune system can destroy them. Patient experieneces days of slight fever.
    Good luck!

    Radha Madhava Dasi
    Radha Madhava Dasi

    I have a friend in India, she has chronic pancreatitis and beginning stage of pancreatic cancer. She can eat almost only boiled rice and potatoes, and many times also vomits and she has strong pain. Until now she took only allopathy treatment, and the doctors say, that she cannot cure, and in future may need an operation. I suggested her alternative treatment, and she is interested. But she will need an experienced practitioner for that. Can someone please recommend an alternative practitioner or a clinic in India?

    edgars alksnis
    edgars alksnis

    Update on Month 15 from diagnosis.
    If You go out of initial crisis, case looks manageable with high RF + phytotherapy + metabolic program (better transdermal). I told patient, that late May this year we will outperform miliionaire Swayze. Do not look to CA 19-9 too much.

    edgars alksnis
    edgars alksnis

    After initial success, pancreatic cancer changed modality and patient opted to include chemo in his program. Patient died from liver problems in 18 months from diagnosis, so record of millionaire Patrick Swayze is not improved. Large similarity of cancer with microbe behaviour here. Abdomen is terrible place. Patient uses PEMF, metabolic therapy, phytotherapy. With today's eyes, adjuvant metabolic therapy should perhaps have been more intensive. This requires rock hard work of patient himself, good interpretation of biochemistry data and rapid changes of therapy when necessary. Many open questions about application of combination therapy. Individual patient physico-chemical differences shoud be noticed. We feared internal bleeding, but this never manifestated. Could such cases be treated at home? Not clear for me.



    Hello Edgaras, are You Lithuanian?

    edgars alksnis
    edgars alksnis

    Latvian. What the question?



    My father is stage 4 pancreatic cancer with metastases in his liver.
    Would You recommend Cellect-Budwig protocol?
    What experience do You have with this type of cancer?

    edgars alksnis
    edgars alksnis

    If tumor theoretically is resectable, so strategy can be- try to clear liver and gallbladder region, so
    doctors can cut. Terrible option, but worth to consider.
    If Your patient has inoperable tumor, so he is free for metabolic and physiotheraphy improvisations. Diet, self- treatment some 3-4 hours per day. You should choose metabolic protocol patient can tolerate for months and than look how to strenghten it. Record of Patric Swayze could be improved, no doubt. But- You have to consider Your time and resources, possibility to involve skilled doctor, read and discuss with someone.
    So for “incurable” tumor here is campaign for months. If patient goes to chemo, situation become more complicated.
    For more detailed questions please use my e-mail



    Have you had any experience with THC oil and pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to the liver?

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