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    My wife has a 4 cm lump in her breast that turned out negative for cancer on a thermography test. However, a later biopsy declared that it is malignant and positive for cancer. They called it “triple negative breast cancer”.

    I find it hard to believe because thermography is supposed to be more sensitive than a biopsy, even predicting cancer (pre-cancerous stage) before it actually becomes cancer that is detectable by biopsy. So I have suspicions that the doctor may have overdiagnosed, or worse, made a false report in order to make money. Well, my wife did not go for conventional treatments proposed by the doctor but chose alternative instead.

    Anyway, my wife is starting to have pain on her breast. My question is, is it normal for breast cancer to be painful even at an early stage (stage 0 or 1)? What are your experiences in regards to breast cancer pain?

    I read that breast cancer pain is rare. Is that true? If yes, then I'll have more reason to believe that my wife does not really have breast cancer. It may instead be fibrocystic breast disease, which I read is the one that is painful.

    Hoping you could help and share your experiences. It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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