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    Kelly Hilton

    Hello – I am helping someone who has liver cancer. I found your site through and am so grateful for all the information here.

    When I choose Liver Cancer under Treatments it comes up with Bile Duct Cancer and Liver Cancer, but most of the documentation refers to Bile Duct Cancer. I'm assuming I use those protocols and data for the Liver Cancer since it is listed with it; but I then do not understand why you would reference Bile Duct and Liver separately in the information. Can you please clarify and confirm for me?

    Thank you so much!



    I have found thru dealing with this is they say that by the time most Bile Duct Cancers are diagnosed; it has already spread to the liver. Look up VA research into this as for the discovery that a lot of Vietnam vets that died from this was because of sheep liver flukes. Check Flukes in general. Get on a heavy duty parasite cleanse and employ coffee enemas to help with rapid detox. Get away from all sugars except natural fruit. Lemon Water is Your friend. Also monitor and eliminate sodium as much as possible. Study the info Gerson put out about Potassium/Sodium ratio. Western diets are far from it more K and less N not the way the western docs read it. Use only pure Sea salt, not processed table salt. Lots more out there on blood cleansing, Alkalizing, and check Alternative clinics for Ozone infusion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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