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    Can a person with breast cancer choose any 14 things from the dirt cheap protocol?


    Hi Jennifer. I, too, have breast cancer, and have found the information and support on Cancer Tutor to be invaluable.
    If you review the Dirt Cheap Protocol, you will note it is broken down into sections, and I believe there are MUST DO sections and then sections that you pick and choose what works best for you.
    Personally I am following the Budwig Protocol and super charging it with the Stockholm Protocol.
    For additional therapies I am:
    juicing carrot, celery, beet, ginger juice daily minimum 32 ounces
    walking and getting sunshine minimum 60 minutes daily – broken into a morning and afternoon segment
    cancer diet for high synergy daily salad – loaded with as many veggies as I can fit in
    I am adding fresh fruit to my Budwig twice daily

    There is a 15 step plan with the Budwig that has been highly successful for many with cancer. It is highly regimented and I have been following for 6 weeks now. Once you get used to it, it is really not a big deal and just becomes part of your routine.

    All I can say about the Budwig and the Stockholm protocols are that I have lost weight, have a tremendous amount of energy and really never felt better in my 67 years.

    The important thing is not to be overwhelmed and just to take it one day at a time.
    There is no ONE cure or fixall which will fit everyone. The important thing is to make your body lean and strong and repair your immune system so it can fight. This means changing your lifestyle radically – you truly are what you eat!

    Hope this helps.

    To your health, Roie



    Hi Roie,
    I take care of my sister and mother. I read your post the other day and my sister has breast cancer with a tumor very close to the skin like you have. She She was a big junk food eater, but has given it all up. Our family has always believed in alternative treatments. I have been practically living at the health food stores getting things for my sister. I also gout Chris Works square one program for her. I also ordered Beta Glucan Transfer Point. I've seen the videos showing what it does to cancer, and its amazing!! I have a lot to write, so I'll post more in a little while. I am glad to hear that you feel so good and have good energy! Thanks, Jenny


    Hello Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your sister's story…I am certainly interested in her journey, as it seems it would be similar to mine. I am currently looking into what complementary protocols would go along with the Budwig and the Stockholm. I think the glucans is probably a good one – I will look for a link so I can see the video on how it works. Any time you have the time to post additional information, I certainly welcome your sharing your knowledge. Thanks so much.
    To your health, Roie



    Hi Jennifer and Roie!

    I'm so happy I found a group trying alternative protocols like me! My name is Shelley and I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in my right breast on Feb, 23rd 2018. It was originally 3.6 cm but “seems” to have shrunk to 2.1 over the last two months. The doctors at first said it was weird but now say it might have been inflammation. Either way, my stage has changed from stage 2/3 to just stage 2 so I am happy with the mistake if that is truly what it was. I have changed my lifestyle with a raw food diet and lots of supplements and essiac tea and apricot seeds and baking soda with molasses ect. So I think my body was responding (hoping) although I have been winging it until I found the dirt cheap protocol. I started today but still have to figure out what liver flush I need to do and where to find the best beta glucan by transfer point. Let me know if you can help. I am drinking a water called essentia with a ph of 9.5 and hoping that covers my ph portion. I might go back to baking soda and molasses. Still waiting for the vitamin c to come and have to finalize the beta glucan and liver flush today. I will let you know how it is going as I progress a bit.

    So nice to meet you, stay strong and stay in touch!



    Hello Shelley. Sounds like you are defining your own journey and pathway to natural healing. At first, I will tell you, I went through several different emotional levels, almost stages, like grieving. First I was in a state of disbelief and could not believe this was happening to me. Then I was angry, and then I became stubborn and decided to fight. And now, I have defined my protocols and feel as if I am coming out on the other side of this thing and finding acceptance in natural healing.

    I have decided to repair my immune system, one cell at a time, and to make my body a very hostile environment to cancer. I am following Dr. Joanna Budwig's 15 essential steps to curing cancer. There is a site called Budwig Videos hosted by Sandra Olson who is very knowledgeable on all things Budwig. The program is amazing at repairing the immune system. Once the immune system is working properly, your body can defend itself against cancer.

    I have been working with this particular protocol for 13 weeks now and I have never felt better in my entire life. I have so much energy. I do make sure to drink stevia water, herbal teas, lots of sunshine, raw vegan veggies and I juice carrots, celery, ginger, beets, kale daily. I eat lots of blueberries, pineapple, strawberries and walnuts daily with my Budwig FOCC. I also do the three honeys trojan horse daily.

    I am confident my body is healing! I would tell you that it is very important to relax and reduce stress at all costs. Do not let defining your protocols stress you out. Stress is not good for breast cancer. Just do what you believe is best for you. I do not think there is a right or wrong answer and there is no one program that fits all…there is no magic pill. You just need to take each day and do the best you can for your body and tomorrow will take care of itself. And most of all, do not underestimate the power of eliminating the things you used to do (what you used to eat or drink) and how much that contributes to your overall health.

    I hope this has been of some health. Just keep your head up and believe in yourself and your body's ability to heal itself. Just keep saying to yourself “I AM HEALING”.

    Hope this helps.
    Do keep in touch.





    Thank you so much for your reply! It's so nice of you! Have you had any surgery, radiation or chemo if you don't mind me asking? I am starting the dirt cheap protocol and I bought everything I need. What do you think of this protocol for breast cancer and what prompted you to choose budwig?

    Thank you and have a great day!



    Good Morning Shelley. Of course, I do not mind your asking. This forum is all about helping each other and being a resource.
    Fact is I had two mammograms and an ultrasound. I was referred to a surgeon and that experience was not a good one. She was extremely arrogant and first thing out of her mouth even before introducing herself was “well I can tell you 110% for sure you have cancer, either stage 2 or 3.” She was not interested in answering any of my questions and told me stay away from doing any research on the internet because I would only find bad information. Also at that initial visit she wanted me to sign up for chemo and radiation and said she did not want to hear anything at all about surgery only without chemo and radiation.

    I was in a state of shock for sure. But, she actually did me a favor, because after two days of feeling sorry for myself, I came back to my reality and got stubborn and determined to take charge of my health myself.

    So I started by reading a few books and researched some papers and studies specifically aimed at preventing breast cancer and healing breast cancer naturally. There are many sites out there dedicated to helping folks survive cancer and beat cancer. I found Veronique Desauniers, the breast cancer conquerer who was very encouraging. Through reading her seven steps I got my mind right in that it is my body and I can heal myself and take charge of my own health. I also found Chris Wark's program and listened to many of his survivors' stories and looked for commonalities in what people were doing that was saving their lives.

    And I found Cancer Tutor which was life saving to me at that time. Here was a forum of people wanting to help people. And also many informative articles on the truth about cancer, what it is, how to fix it and how to stay cancer free.

    So I filled two journals with notes that made sense to me.

    I was supposed to go back to the surgeon ten days later for a biopsy. By that time, however, I had read that biopsies were very damaging and that I should not be afraid of my tumor. If the tumor is not endangering a specific organ, then it is not life threatening at this time. The tumor is actually your best friend because until you notice it you really do not know anything is wrong. And the tumor is your body doing its job of encapsulating cancer cells and keeping them from doing more harm to your performing body systems.

    So I named my tumor Uggie for Unwanted Guest and decided I needed to heal from the inside out. I have learned that cancer is a dis-ease, much like type 2 diabetes and even acne, that is sourced from inflammation. I learned that everybody has cancer in their body. It is the amount of cancer cells that you have that makes a difference. If your immune system is operating properly, then your immune system can handle and kill off the cancer cells that are normally produced daily. It is only when things are out of balance that you get into trouble.

    So long story short, I did not have a biopsy, I did not have any surgery and I did not have chemo or radiation. I read about how people who were sent home to die bought time and healed with many different protocols and therapies and I thought, why do I have to wait to be sent home to die??? Why can't I start these therapies and protocols now? Why not do something before this gets any more out of control now?

    The thing is again if the immune system is working properly, the immune system can heal the body. Our bodies are made to heal themselves.

    So immediately I changed my diet and started attacking inflammation. This was 7 months ago.

    I stopped eating all sugar, flour, dairy and bombarded my body with juicing, raw vegetable salads and nutritional supplements.
    I started gentle walking and herbal teas.
    I did the Kelmun protocol, stevia flush, trojan horses, herbal teas and a very strong anti-cancer diet which included 32 ounces carrot, celery, ginger, beet and kale juice daily.

    Then I started finding in my research information about flaxseeds and flaxseed oil and impact and effect on breast cancer.

    Keep in mind, it is not about reducing the size of the tumor, it is about reducing the number of cancer cells you are producing. And it takes time to turn this tide. This is when I found Dr. Joanna Budwig's studies and therapies. She was simply a brilliant scientist.

    I lost 51 pounds the first 5 months and I was a little concerned about the rapid weight loss but it was a healthy weight loss. I read from Oxford periodicals about cell repair and apostasy and anti-angiogenisis. So this made sense and all the while I was losing weight I was feeling better. I had read that your body knows what its ideal weight is and if you are eating well your body will stabilize itself. And it did. I reached a BMI in the normal level for my height and then I stopped losing weight. I have hovered in a three pound give or take weight range for the last two months.

    I gentle walk 3 miles daily, as Dr. Budwig believes you need to reserve your energy for healing. Even eating and digesting too many raw veggies can zap your energy. So I am keep my body in motion to allow the lymph system to keep moving, and I get my daily doses of sunshine for the vitamin D but everything I do is on an easy pace to conserve as much of my energy sphere for healing.

    Dr. Budwig was noted for taking patients who were sent home to die and reversing their cancer. So my thought was wait to be sent home to die. Why not start repairing my immune system now and get it right for the rest of my life.

    Cancer Tutor has the proper link on this site for Dr. Budwig's information and it is this site that sent me to her research.
    She has a very strict set of rules and cautions against deviation.
    I have followed the 15 steps as outlined by Sandra. At first it is overwhelming, but then you get into your routine.
    I love working with my vegetables and feel a bonding with them. As I prepare them for juicing I was to thank them for the health they are providing to me.
    There are many wonderful people on Sandra's site who like Cancer Tutor are supportive. It is a comforting community of people who understand.

    Keep in mind there is a lot of bad information out there on Budwig. And you need to stay away from that. Her regiment is strict and should not be improved upon. Her regiment works so do not try to change it…just get your routine in order and you will be able to do this.

    Cancer Tutor also points out that getting rid of the tumor is secondary to getting rid of the cancer.

    So I am healing one cell at a time and believe if I do the best for my body daily then tomorrow will take care of itself.

    So that is my journey so far. I have never felt better in my whole life. Even my husband has joined in with me and his thinking is why wait to get sick.

    Hope this helps and feel free to reach out anytime. I am also on Sandra's site, too.





    You are so amazing! Thank you so much for caring and taking the time to share your journey. (Did I say you are amazing? :)) My choices are similar and I decided to heal myself with alternative therapy after they wanted to rush me to surgery (and then radiation) a week after being diagnosed. I told them I needed time to research and learn about my cancer. That was February 23rd. Its been 4 months now. I did get a second opinion at Dana Farber and came out of there furious. I watched all of the people walking around sick and I wanted to scream “what are you doing!” It was awful. I told the doctor there that I was interested in immunotherapy, stated the ones being done at Dana Farber, and he literally patronized me and acted like I was an Idiot. I was angry, sad, furious, and started to doubt myself. Then I was strong and determined. The stages you talk about. I have semi support from family and friends. They all want me to get surgery. (cut them both off lol)They think it makes sense to debulk. They love me and want me around so I understand. It's not bothering me at all this tumor, so why go through the assault on my body and shake things up so to speak. Plus it might stimulate my stem cells to speed up its production of cancer cells and find places in other parts of my body.

    I have been on a raw food diet and lots of supplements and started GCMaf. Are you familiar with it? I have made my own yogurt and got the probiotic from bravo in Switzerland. It's expensive Though so I am learning to make it with products from here. I have done a trojan horse (honey and baking soda for ph ) but not sure if its the best. Please reiterate the trojan horse recipes you are on so I can try them. I think you said honey, coconut oil, and turmeric?

    I have begun looking into clinics. Have you thought about clinics? (its what brought me to this site). If so, which ones. I have looked into Dr. Isaacs in NY, Burzynski in Houston and hope for cancer in Mexico, although mixed reviews about hope for cancer($35,000). Reno has one also that is doing gcmaf but also $35,000. I am apprehensive as I don't want to get scammed in my vulnerable state although I don't feel that vulnerable. pretty strong actually. :)but $35,000 is pretty steep. Let me know what you think as you are 3 months ahead of me! lol

    Oh btw have you tried the dirt cheap protocol before the Budwig? I started two days ago but the dsmo (sulfur) made me feel sick (nauseous). Is that normal?

    Well, I have to go but will write again soon. Thank you again! Hugs!

    Shelley 🙂


    Hi Shelley. I think you are amazing and strong, too. I did my own version of the Dirt Cheap Protocol initially for about 3 months before I found the Budwig. And I found the Budwig on the Cancer Tutor site and then followed the link that was on CT's site for Sandra's Budwig Videos, etc. My Dirt Cheap protocol selections consisted of an immune system repair: I did the Beta Glucan, liver flush, Kelmun, three honeys, juicing, synergy salads and strict anti-cancer diet. I also took lots of supplements. I lost weight and gained energy and confidence in my decision.

    Then I found the Budwig on Cancer Tutor's site and did a lot of research on this therapy. I have been using this therapy for three months now and feel really good. I still juice and take supplements once in a while as needed because Dr. Budwig did not believe in using too many of them as she believed it interfered with the same work her treatment was doing.

    I am not pursuing any clinics at this time, as I fully believe at this time I can manage my own health successfully.

    I know what you are saying in that others look at you as if you are crazy, but it is my body and no one knows better how I feel than me. And I truly believe that if I repair and support my immune system, my body will be able to fight and destroy the excessive production of the cancer cells and bring it down to a more normal level.

    Cancer Tutor's article on tumors makes several good points: one of which is that the tumor is not your enemy and it is important to kill the microbes first and worry about the tumor and shrinking of the tumor second. If the microbes are killed then the cancer cells will come into line at some point. It takes time. And basically what we are doing by boosting our immune systems and changing our diets, getting sunshine and gentle exercise is buying ourselves the time needed for our bodies to heal and make the necessary repairs.

    I have heard of the GCMaf but need to do more research on that. I am in the process of starting to make my own cultures because fermented foods are so good for the microbiome and repairing our immune system.

    The traditional treatments for cancer (cut, burn and poison) are so radical and so criminal in my opinion. Our body was made to heal itself. If we can give it the necessary tools, everything will fall into place. It takes time but that is what we are doing – buying the time necessary while the repairs are being made.

    It is difficult to stand strong in your decision when others do not understand. My primary doctor does not agree with my decision but he also can disagree with my lab numbers. It is just outside of his particular belief system and referral system. So it is hard for me to go to those appointments because he stated to me the last time “it's okay, you just have not accepted the fact that you have breast cancer yet!” Well, I believe I have accepted the fact and I believe I am taking action – I have turned my lifestyle upside down to do everything to repair and support my immune system. But I get it, I am in charge of my health as opposed to him being in charge of my health. But I like food for medicine instead of pills and poison. LOL

    As for the three honeys/trojan horse:
    turmeric, coconut oil, honey
    ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil, honey

    sometimes I use all three spices with the coconut oil and honey. It is great for inflammation.

    Best wishes, and keep in touch.




    Thank you Roie!

    You inspire me and are helping to keep me strong. I look forward to your emails. I just got back from a walk at the beach with a friend and my new puppy that I rescued a month ago. My dog of 13 years passed away in December and I just couldn't live in a house without a dog. We named him Oliver. He is shepherd/lab mix. I will try the trojan horses that you sent. How are you monitoring yourself (The tumor/ the unwanted guest) besides feeling it? Do you go to ultrasounds? I would really like to do a thermogram. I haven't had any follow up for a while. I think they may have written me off as their worst patient/ nightmare lol. Everyone thinks I am afraid to have surgery and that's why I'm so noncompliant. I would have it if I felt it was needed. ugh! What kind of breast cancer do you have and what is the stage? So many questions! lol.

    Have a nice night, stay strong, and thank you again!


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