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    Vikas Taneja
    Vikas Taneja

    I live in Delhi, India.
    I'm planning to start budwig diet for my father, who's diagnosed stage 1 cancer of urinary bladder.
    I could not locate any shop/place where I could ge low fat cottage cheese in Delhi, India.
    Where can I get flaxseed oil and low fat cottage cheese in Delhi India? If there is any alternative possible for cottage cheese, which is as effective as the cheese, please advise!



    I just used regular low fat cottage cheese. Flaxseed oil you can call Barleans or get it through Amazon. I have no idea what you can and cannot get in India.



    Hello Vikas

    Your Dad is so.lucky to have you there for him.

    In Germany. Dr B.s 1st choice is Quark, which is a thicker cream cheese.
    Thats not easily found in the US market, So tje next best is cottage cheese.

    It seems the point of it is its high sulphur content. Make your own, or Find what else has high sulphur.

    The point of flax is its high Omega 3 content. They say for best results, as fats turn rancid very rapidly, that the ground seeds should be consimed within 15 minutes of being ground.

    The two ingtedients, sulphur and omega 3 must mix well before adding anything else. – Like rasberries for Ellagic acid, another cancer fighter.

    Meanwhile, have you access t0 Burdock. Sheeps dorrel, (an herb), slippery elm and Turkey rhubarb, the ingredients of the Rene Cassey anti cancer Brew?

    Good luch




    I apologize for doing this. For some strange reason, I cannot create my own topic at this moment and I really need help… I want to avoid my mom having to go through radiation again. I am afraid of what the side effects of another treatment would do to her </3 Is it alright to combine the Budwig Protocol with hemp seed oil? If it makes any difference, in particular, Charlette's Web? Thank you so much for you help.

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