Dengue Fever

There are several problems when dealing with Dengue Fever, which comes from a virus which is spread by mosquitoes.

First, it spreads very quickly and is highly fatal Second, many cases of Dengue Fever occur in countries where it can be difficult to import the natural substances needed to cure it. Third, many countries where this fever occurs are very poor. Fourth, even if a patient did have the necessary items to cure Dengue Fever, the Herxheimer's Reaction (i.e. brain fog), which would result from any treatment strong enough and fast enough to cure it, would be massive. Fortunately, the brain fog is harmless but it certainly can scare a patient.

The Treatment of Dengue Fever

The first thing I would do if a patient had Dengue Fever is to buy 16 or more ultraviolet lamps. Pairs of these lamps can be put on the bottom of each leg, a pair on each arm, etc. Ultraviolet light will kill microbes as they pass around the bloodstream.

One of my daughters used two pairs of these light to deal with a virus and she got severe Herxheimers (harmless brain fog), so they are very effective.

So start with using 2 pairs lamps a day, then use 4 pairs of lamps a day, then 8 pairs of lamps every day.

See this article to understand what I am talking about:
Ultraviolet Light Protocol (Use at least 8 pairs of UV lights)

In addition, purchase and use as many of the items in this article as possible:
Kill Microbes

Having said all of that, this is still just the beginning of the treatment.

The only treatment that has been proven to remove every microbe from a person's body is the Bob Beck Protocol.

But do not start with the Bob Beck Protocol as it works too slowly. But it is the only protocol I know of that can eventually remove every microbe from the body. So eventually it will have to be used for several months to finish off the virus.

See the 5 articles in the Bob Beck Protocol (many items can be made at home):
Bob Beck Protocol

It can take several months of using the Bob Beck Protocol to completely finish off a severe virus infection.

But also keep in mind the speed with which the virus divides. This speed can greatly increase the need for using these protocol far more than is used for AIDS/HIV.