You probably already have a cold or your wouldn't be looking for this article. I will tell you right now that the sooner you get started with this treatment, the BETTER it will work.

I have used this treatment several times (before I learned how to prevent colds and the flu – see below) and I can tell you it works if you start the treatment early enough.

So that you can understand my comments below, it is necessary to read the following Crown Jewel article on how you catch the common cold and how to treat it with hydrogen peroxide:
Curing the Common Cold With Hydrogen Peroxide (a mirror)

I trust you have read the article, or you won't understand what I am about to say.

First of all, I want to again emphasize something in that article:


OK, now my comments:

First, if I still hear a lot of fast bubbling in an ear after the 10 minutes, I would only wait 15 minutes or so before starting another session in that ear. I don't like to stop the treatment until the fast bubbling is gone. Of course, you would still follow the other items mentioned in the article.

Second, a piece of advice – ALWAYS DO IT IN BOTH EARS. Sometimes you notice that there is no bubbling in an ear so you feel tempted in the next session to avoid that ear. Trust me, do it in both ears every time. I have seen some dramatic changes in the amount of virus there is in an ear in just two hours.

Third, don't use more than 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

Other Critical Items

Now let assume you don't catch your cold in time, and the symptoms start flooding into your body.

The first thing I would do is deal with the viruses that infest my body. The first thing I would do is order Samento and Noni Concentrate. Here is an article:
Samento and Noni Concentrate

I would order these products to arrive in the shortest possible amount of time. Every day is critical!!

Likewise, I would order, to arrive as fast as possible, a product called: Prime pH, which also deals with viruses. It can be purchased at:
InnerLight Vendor (Click: Our Products, then Prime pH)

As fast as these products arrived I would start using them several times a day (see the above article). Take between 12 and 20 drops (for an adult) of Prime pH a day during treatment. How much water you put those drops into is up to you, but hopefully it will be at least 60 ounces (the drops are very alkaline).

Also, see this superb article for future reference:
Superb Article on Viruses

Also, obviously drink as much natural water (e.g. real spring water) or distilled water as you can. At least 1/2 gallon a day.

What to eat and what not to eat

First of all, eat WHOLE FOODS, not processed foods. NO caffeine (which will enhance the congestion by shrinking the blood vessels in the nasal passages). NO dairy products (including eggs). NO meat (which creates a lot of mucus). NO processed flour. NO sugar (duh).

How to prevent colds and the flu

For more than a year I have been taking two products: one is called “stabilized oxygen” and the other is called Cell Food. During that year I have not caught a single cold or the flu. I normally get hit with these two problems several times a year. But not since I started taking 12 drops of stabilized oxygen and 12 drops of Cell Food every day. My weight is well over 250 pounds.

Adults should take 12 drops a day of each product no matter how much you weigh and children should take 6 drops a day. Teenagers should take 9 drops of each.

Body Flex AM, follow vendor's dosage recommendations, can substitute for Cell Food.

Another product that can substitute for Cell Food is Tahitian Noni Juice, at least 2 ounces a day, but 4 ounces a day if you can afford it.

Some good brands of stabilized oxygen are Aerobic O7, Prime pH (the dosage may be a little less for this product because it is very potent), and Vitamin O.

Final Comments

Here are articles (among many thousands on the common cold):