Adem Gunes, MD

Dr. Adem Günes is a German doctor who, at the age of 28, dedicated his practice to the principles of holistic, alternative, and complementary oncology. Following years of research, he published his doctoral dissertation on Local Hyperthermia, which can be used to reduce the dose of Chemotherapy without decreasing its effectiveness. In 2009, he was appointed as the chief physician at Pro Life Clinic, a renowned hospital for complementary oncology in Austria. At only 33 years old, he was one of the youngest doctors to hold such a position in a cancer hospital in Europe. It is here where he continued his research in the field of hyperthermia and established a research laboratory to detect the circulating cancer cells in the blood. Following his systematic investigation on the effectiveness of using natural substances in oncology, he successfully established the world’s largest database of natural substances that can be used in cancer treatment and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs. His deep passion for finding the cure for cancer has made him one of the world-renowned experts in Complementary Cancer Therapy. His evidence-based protocols are the foundation of Integrative Cancer Treatment Programs offered at Verita Life, whose main goal is to treat the body as a whole, empowering it to attack cancer from many directions while restoring the body’s natural healing abilities, and strengthening the immune system.

Verita Life International Cancer Treatment Center Germany

TARGETING CANCERS, REBUILDING WELLNESS – Verita Life Germany is a top destination for Integrative Oncology, with an abundance of clinical expertise and experience specializing in German Protocols, Immunotherapy and World Class Treatments. If you are looking for the latest in German innovation that targets cancer and rebuilds wellness in the heart of Europe, look no further then Verita Life Germany.  Verita Life Germany provides unique integrative cancer treatments that are scientifically proven, effective and personalized. Everyone is unique, and they will be treated according to their specific needs.

Verita Life Germany is among the few worldwide locations that offers a multidisciplinary range of integrative therapies. Giving patients better, safer options to overcome cancer, minimize side effects, regain their health, and stay cancer-free. Integrative, Safe and Effective Treatments that help your body Fight Cancer is what Verita Life Germany delivers to its patients.

The medical teams of Verita Life Germany, Thailand, & Mexico are comprised of board-certified physicians, oncologists, medical researchers, registered nurses, lifestyle counselors, health educators and nutritional experts experienced in providing the best in complementary and integrative cancer treatments with an extensive treatment portfolio in treating all types of cancers. Verita Life Germany offers preventative treatment programs for patients with a predisposition to cancer as well as those in remission. Most of Verita Life Germany’s team members have received advanced training and post graduate certifications and are certified members of their respective professional societies. Contact Verita Life Germany to get started on your healing journey today.