NOTE: This article is an addendum to the main article on how to cure AIDS. If you did not get to this article from the main article, read the main article first:
Several Cures for AIDS

WARNING: It is critical to understand that the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide will be neutralized by Vitamin C, or any other antioxidant. The term “antioxidant” also includes immune builders. Be very, very careful what you add to this treatment.

General comments:

As mentioned in the article which links to this web page, Chapter 13 of the MMS Book 2, on MMS Intravenously, is that actual cure for AIDS. This article will only talk about a “maintenance dose” of chlorine dioxide to hopefully keep the disease from coming back if it is in hiding.

As previously mentioned, this is NOT an injection. You simply mix the chlorine dioxide with apple juice or grape juice and drink it.

How long you should stay on this maintenance dose is up to you. Its purpose is to kill microbes as they come out of “hiding” and get in the bloodstream. The main strength of chlorine dioxide is that it kills any microbes it can get to. This includes any microbes in the bloodstream. By adding DMSO, it may additionally kill microbes which are “hiding” from the chlorine dioxide.

Stabilized oxygen has been used in alternative medicine for many, many years. It is used primarily to prevent viral infections such as colds and the flu.

Normal stabilized oxygen (e.g. Aerobic O7 or Aerobic KO7) is about 5 percent or 6 percent sodium chlorite. This is NOT the same thing as table salt, which is sodium chloride.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) is 28 percent sodium chlorite. The reason for this mixture is so that it will bind more readily to fresh-squeezed lemon juice or citric acid.

Vendors may sell bottles which recommend adding MMS to some form of vinegar. DO NOT USE VINEGAR WITH MMS. Vinegar can actually feed any yeast infection.

The three things you can mix with MMS are:

  1. fresh squeezed lemon juice,
  2. fresh squeezed lime juice or
  3. powdered citric acid.

Any of these three items will chemically react to the sodium chlorite to create chlorine dioxide. The powdered citric acid is the preferred item to mix with MMS if it is purchased from a vendor of MMS. If it is not purchased from a vendor of MMS it may have been sitting on the shelf for many months. But MMS vendors have a high turnover of citric acid, thus the product is always fresh.

The things you should NOT mix with sodium chlorite are just as important as the things you should mix with it. For example, do NOT use any type of bottled lemon juice, such as ReaLemon, as it may have vitamin C added as a preservative.

The bottom line is to always use fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to mix with the MMS or fresh powdered citric acid. Nothing else.

After you make the chlorine dioxide (which will be discussed below), do not drink it. After making the chlorine dioxide you need to dilute the mixture with 4 to 6 ounces of apple juice or purple grape juice.

A work of warning. READ every word on the label of any apple juice or grape juice you buy. Make sure it does not have any ADDED Vitamin C (i.e. any added “ascorbic acid”).

This gets complicated, so pay close attention. ALL apple juice and purple grape juice have vitamin C naturally. Thus, if you look at the list of vitamins it will probably list vitamin C.

That is fine if vitamin C is listed in the vitamins. HOWEVER, it is NOT FINE if vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is ADDED as a preservative.

Thus, you MUST MAKE SURE that all vitamin C in the drink is naturally in the juice, and that NO Vitamin C (i.e. ascorbic acid) has been ADDED to the juice.

Some people are so afraid of Vitamin C being added to their apple juice or grape juice that they simply use distilled water to dilute the chlorine dioxide. Distilled water is perfectly fine to dilute the new batch of chlorine dioxide.

Also, the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) bottle should NOT be exposed directly to sunlight.

You cannot buy chlorine dioxide because it is a very unstable molecule and does not store for much more than a half hour. Well, you can buy it, but it is highly recommended that you make it yourself.

You should make it at home and use it (after the required 3-minute wait) within half an hour.

Here is a vendor of MMS. For each bottle of MMS you need to buy 5 bottles of activator (i.e. citric acid):
H2O Air Water Americas

You will also need 8 ounces of DMSO in a glass bottle (DMSO will be discussed below). Here is one of many vendors of DMSO on the Internet (you generally cannot buy it at health food stores): [DMSO]

How to Make Chlorine Dioxide From Sodium Chlorite

Mix the proper number of drops of Miracle Mineral Supplement (the number of drops will vary by the situation) with:
1/4 to 1/2 TEAspoon of fresh-squeezed lemon juice or lime juice. Use 1/4 teaspoon if you are using less than 10 drops of MMS and 1/2 teaspoon if you are using 10 or more drops. If you are using citric acid, use the vendor's recommended dose of citric acid.

Do NOT buy ReaLemon, rather store FRESH squeezed lemon or lime juice in a glass bottle and store in your refrigerator until needed. Or use citric acid powder.

AFTER MIXING, LET SIT FOR 3 MINUTES (this creates the chlorine dioxide).

AFTER the 3 minute wait (unless you are adding DMSO, see below) mix the newly made chlorine dioxide with 4 to 6 ounces of apple juice, grape juice or distilled water.


After they are mixed (which only takes about 5 or 10 seconds), drink the mixture.

Recommended Dose

It is assumed you have already used the chlorine dioxide to cure your AIDS (as per the article linked to above), thus it is assumed you do not need any buildup.

The recommended maintenance dose for AIDS patients is 9 or 10 drops in the morning and 9 or 10 drops in the evening.

Try to separate the two daily doses by 12 hours if possible.

Note: Even after you are been on this treatment for one or more weeks you may suddenly experience some queasiness. This just means you are fighting an infection. There is nothing to be concerned about except you may have to lower your doses for a couple of days until the infection goes away.

Why, when and how to add the DMSO

The theory behind adding the DMSO is that the DMSO will bind to the chlorine dioxide (which is a known fact), then allow the DMSO / chlorine dioxide compound molecule to pass through the blood arteries and get to AIDS viruses in hiding. It is not known how effective this portion of the treatment is at killing viruses outside of the bloodstream.

If you take the chlorine dioxide twice a day for seven days a week, that is 14 treatments a week. ADD THE DMSO for about 4 of these treatments every week. Thus, 4 of your 14 treatments (it doesn't matter which ones) will include DMSO and 10 will not.

Because DMSO can cause bad breath, some people will take it in the morning dose and others will take it at evening dose.

Here is the sequence for adding DMSO:

  1. Add the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) to the fresh squeezed lemon juice, lime juice or powdered citric acid,
  2. WAIT THREE MINUTES for the MMS to chemically react to create chloride dioxide,
  3. Then add DMSO. The number of drops of DMSO should be 150 percent of the number of drops of MMS. Since you should be using 9 or 10 drops of chlorine dioxide, add 15 drops of DMSO. This takes into account the different sizes of the droppers.

In other words, you wait for 3 minutes twice, once after mixing the MMS and lemon juice, etc. and a second time after adding the DMSO.

This is a total of six minutes of waiting for two different chemical reactions to take place.

After waiting the total of six minutes (3 minutes twice) you can add the mixture to the apple juice or grape juice or distilled water as mentioned above.

AFTER two or three days of using the chlorine dioxide read this article again to make sure you aren't missing anything.