There are three potential major “root causes” of brain diseases (microbes, heavy metals, and colon/stomach issues), that may need to be dealt with, which will be discussed in this article, so make sure you read this entire article.

Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Parkinson's, autism, etc. are all diseases of “perpetual brain fog.” The brain fog is continuous and may be caused by a continuous stream of highly acidic mycotoxins (i.e. the waste products of microbes) in the brain as the blood circulates throughout the body.

Mercury, aluminum, and other metals can also block this brain signaling. In fact, most cases of perpetual brain fog are caused by a combination of multiple factors.

The highly acidic mycotoxins of microbes are the most common cause of blocking brain signaling. Heavy metals in the body (and I include both mercury and aluminum) can exacerbate the damage done by the microbes. In fact, heavy metals can put the symptoms “over the edge” so it appears they are the main cause, but in fact, there are usually multiple “insults” to the body which cause brain disorders.

The average person has no clue how many microbes (and thus the waste products of the microbes) are in their body. But it is not just the amount of microbes that are important, it is also the types of microbes that are even more important.

In short, specific parasites (i.e. and especially their mycotoxins) are frequently the PRIMARY cause of the “perpetual brain fog” in:

  1. Alzheimer's / dementia
  2. ALS (Lou Gehrig)
  3. Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Autism / Asperger's Syndrome
  5. Parkinson's
  6. etc.

Heavy metals and colon/stomach issues (including vaccinations) can also be major causes of brain issues.

Many diseases of the brain are incorrectly diagnosed and incorrectly treated by BOTH orthodox medicine and alternative medicine because they do not know the “root causes” of these diseases.

Without knowing the multiple “root causes” of the disease, both orthodox medicine and alternative medicine can only attempt to “fix” the symptoms. Very little effort is made to find the “root causes” of the disease. This is why treatments for brain disorders are usually weak and ineffective at best – they are only dealing with symptoms, not “root causes.”

Orthodox medicine always uses highly profitable prescription drugs to treat brain disorders. Alternative medicine always uses natural products and/or gentle electromedicine (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) to treat brain disorders. The results of alternative medicine are far more effective than orthodox medicine but still fall far short of the protocol this article will discuss.

In fact, only one natural medicine treatment is very, very effective against brain disorders because it is the only treatment which identifies and targets the true “root causes” of these brain disorders.

In most cases, the true “root causes” will include a combination of multiple insults, including multiple microbes (e.g. their mycotoxins and their ability to weaken the immune system) heavy metals (including aluminum), and colon/stomach issues.

The main treatment will be discussed later after the reader understands the most common root causes of brain disorders.

Mycotoxins and diseases of the brain

Almost no one knows that all major brain disorders are primarily caused by mycotoxins (i.e. the highly acidic waste products of microbes). But these mycotoxins do not just weaken the immune system, they are also directly causing the “brain fog” and/or other brain malfunctions.

In other words, these brain diseases are not caused DIRECTLY by the microbes, but rather they are caused primarily by the highly acidic “excrements” or “mycotoxins” of these microbes. It is the acidity that is causing the main problems.

All major brain diseases should be considered as “Mycotoxin Diseases” because the “root cause” of these brain diseases is almost always mycotoxins.

While a person could say that these brain diseases are “microbial diseases,” this would technically not be correct. They are caused primarily by the mycotoxins of the microbes, not the microbes themselves. Well, it is more complicated than that.

These microbes usually live in the organs and when they do, the organs get weak. When the organs get weak, the immune system will also get weak.

The immune system is significant because it is the immune system that kills microbes in the body. When the immune system becomes weak, its ability to kill microbes drops significantly. Thus, the bad situation becomes exponentially worse as the microbes grow out of control even more.

While the best treatment for these diseases will be discussed below, a person should not forget that there are also treatments that deal with the “symptoms” of these diseases which can be very helpful.

For example, ASEA (natural medicine) is excellent at “energizing cells” in the brain. It is an excellent treatment for the symptoms of any brain disorder, but it does not deal with the “root cause” of the brain disorder.
Dr. Dave Carpenter, ND website (expert on ASEA)

Sometimes dealing with symptoms is critical to “buy time” (i.e. provide more time), or make the patient more comfortable, to provide time for the more technically correct treatments to work (because they deal with the “root cause”).

Colloidal silver, LIPH, chlorine dioxide, etc. deal with getting rid of many of the microbes in the body, but they are not powerful enough to get rid of enough microbes to make much of a difference in the major brain disorders, based on our experience.

For example, there are many parasites, tapeworms, etc. that LIVE in the liver. Few, if any, anti-microbial products will get rid of these microbes, parasites, tapeworms (which can be 20 feet long), etc.

The mycotoxins of these critters are unaffected by most anti-microbial protocols, with a few exceptions. For example, the High RF Frequency Generator family of electromedicine protocols have both liver parasite and liver tapeworm protocols and general microbial protocols, etc.

But let us talk more about the mycotoxins of microbes.

More about mycotoxins

Here is a fact: all of the blood in the body passes through the liver every three minutes. Could what is in the liver (e.g. microbes excreting mycotoxins) affect what is in the blood? Obviously, it could.

All the blood passes through the kidneys, and so on.

But the organ that gets the MOST BLOOD flowing through it is the BRAIN.

There are more than 1,000 species of parasites.

All of these microbes excrete highly acidic mycotoxins.

Some of these mycotoxins are so toxic they can dissolve nerves.

The excrements include acids, poisons, strontium 90, etc.

In other words, parasites (i.e. and especially their mycotoxins) are the MAJOR cause of:

  1. Alzheimer's / dementia
  2. ALS (Lou Gehrig)
  3. Multiple Sclerosis
  4. Autism / Asperger's Syndrome
  5. Parkinson's
  6. etc.

Yes, in rare cases heavy metals in ground water can cause Alzheimer's or MS, etc. in a person who drinks a lot of well water, and other rare situations can allow other things to cause Alzheimer's or MS, etc., but in almost all cases, the “root cause” is mycotoxins from massive numbers of microbes.

Dental amalgam, for example, cannot cause a major brain disorder by itself, though it certainly can be a contributing factor. It would take a lot more mercury than just from dental amalgam to cause a major brain disorder by itself.

Webster Kehr can provide a concrete example, from his personal life, of a brain fog experience that can explain how mycotoxins of microbes can cause these diseases.

Case study of a “brain fog” experience

As a cancer researcher, I frequently test the safety of experimental products for cancer on myself before I make them public. I have never had cancer, but by doing this I can explain how to use these products safely.

Since cancer is caused by microbes which are inside of cancer cells, I am always interested in new microbe-killing substances. I know how to get these substances inside the cancer cells where they need to be.

Of course, I am always convinced of the safety of these substances before I test them on myself. For example, I always “build-up,” starting with a very low dose, as a safety valve.

But in one case I totally underestimated the power of one product.

It was a product used to kill microbes in water treatment plants. I was testing it on my sinusitis and put 9 drops of this product in a quart glass jar.

I calculated this was diluted enough to be a very low dose and a good place to start the “build-up.” I figured I would need to use more than 9 drops before it would become effective on sinusitis.

I was wrong. This product killed microbes as measured in “parts per billion.”

Not knowing how powerful this product was, and thus not doing the correct calculations, I then put some of the water from the quart bottle into a nasal inhaler and sprayed it up my nose.

I had a massive, massive, massive amount of “brain fog.”

What caused this brain fog? This product killed massive numbers of microbes in my brain (remember I sprayed it up my nose). When these microbes died they broke apart, releasing massive amounts of mycotoxins and thus my brain was filled with mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are highly acidic and blocked the brain signaling in my brain.

How can mycotoxins block brain signaling? What people don't realize is that much of the brain signaling is similar to a radio tower. The brain does not communicate exclusively by chemical reactions. It has been demonstrated that the brain also communicates via electrical waves.

While multiple experiments with brain waves (e.g. Niels Birbaumer, PhD, of the University of Tuebingen) have proven this, it has yet to be fully realized just how much the brain communicates WITH ITSELF constantly, from one part of the brain to another part via ELECTRICAL RADIO-TYPE WAVES.

Radio-type waves are much faster than chemical reactions, thus if our brains did not internally communicate via radio-type waves, none of us would be able to think very quickly or think very well at all (as is evidenced by what happens when brain fog blocks these radio-type signals.). In fact, “brain fog” itself is the most convincing proof that the brain uses radio-type signaling.

Highly acidic mycotoxins block the radio-type signals in the brain much like a thick copper sheet can block a real radio signal.

In fact, the whole concept of “Herxheimer's” (which is what I experienced and which many cancer patients have experienced with the High RF Frequency Generator and other protocols – because they did not do a proper “build-up”) is that the entire function of the brain is almost stopped dead in its tracks when massive amounts of mycotoxins suddenly pass through the brain (e.g. mycotoxins which are released by killing massive numbers of microbes quickly).

The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction was discovered more than 100 years ago, in the 1890s, when large numbers of microbes were killed at the same time. So “brain fog” is not a new theory.

I am aware of two cases where cancer patients used the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier (which is the little brother of the more powerful High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) and did not “build-up” properly (they did not follow the directions) and got a case of brain fog so severe that they refused to use the device again. They both decided, literally, that they would rather die than take a chance of having that level of brain fog again, even though the brain fog went away by the next day.

I can tell you from personal experience (and I am glad I am a cancer researcher so I was very familiar with the concept of Herxheimer's via my experience with colloidal silver, chlorine dioxide, etc.) what a nightmare brain fog can be. When I experienced it I knew exactly what it was, but even so, I was deeply concerned I had killed brain cells and had permanent brain damage.

By the way, I have never used that product again, so I can empathize with those who stopped using the High RF Frequency Generator with a linear amplifier.

The brain diseases and “Perpetual Brain Fog”

Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's, autism, etc. are all diseases of “perpetual brain fog” The mycotoxins are in the blood and are inside of the microbes (which may be circulating in the bloodstream) because they have not yet been excreted.

Thus, the brain fog is caused by both free-floating mycotoxins PLUS the mycotoxins still in the microbes which have not yet been excreted.

Much of these mycotoxins come from microbes which live in the liver and much of them come from the microbes in the bloodstream and perhaps from other places (e.g. the kidneys).

The BRAIN PROCESSES MORE BLOOD (and thus more mycotoxins) than ANY OTHER ORGAN, including the liver, as already mentioned.

If there is a constant percentage of these toxic mycotoxins in the brain fluids, and many microbes themselves in the fluids, the brain may experience perpetual brain fog and may experience brain damage.

Normally, brain fog goes away overnight as the mycotoxins are flushed out of the system. But with the brain disorders there are so many microbes involved, and so many mycotoxins, it can take a long time to flush them all out, but it can be done.

In addition to the main treatment, it might also be wise to find ways to “energize” the brain cells to relieve the patient's condition quickly, such as by using ASEA. These are discussed in the specific articles for each type of brain disorder.


In addition to getting rid of the bad microbes (and their highly acidic waste products), it is also necessary to build-up the “good” microbes in the body, AFTER getting rid of the bad microbes.

In other words, in the process of getting rid of bad microbes the treatment will likely get rid of a lot of good microbes, especially the ones used for digestion. To get the good bacteria back into the body, a person should use a high-quality probiotic product.

While the waste products of the good microbes are not necessarily alkaline, they do create a good environment in the brain.

Remember the primary purpose for getting rid of the microbes is to let the brain signaling function again.

The importance of the colon and stomach (e.g. autism especially)

A new book was published in 2013 which talks about the importance of the stomach and colon.

This book goes into great detail as to how the contents of the stomach and colon may be a causal factor in brain disorders.

This book might be especially helpful for autism as it talks about the battles Dr. Wakefield had with pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment. Much is said about autism in this book.

This book discusses all brain disorders which are discussed on this website and it is recommended as an additional resource for the treatment of these diseases.

Here is where to obtain the book:
Fire in the Belly Book

Bob Beck Protocol + MSM/LIPH and MSM/CD

A combination of the Bob Beck Protocol, combined with treatments like the MSM/LIPH protocol and MSM/CD protocol (both MSM protocols kill massive numbers of microbes), plus liver flush, chelation, etc. may help a great deal. A rebounder (a small trampoline) can be used to pump the lymph.

Chelation. Here is a vendor of Pure Body Extra Strength (spray), to chelate the blood, and Pure Body (liquid), to chelate the colon:
My Touchstone Essentials

Chelation is very important for all brain disorders.

So should you buy a High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier or a High RF Frequency Generator with a linear amplifier? If you already have one, definitely use it.

Here is an article on liver flushes:
Article on Liver Flush

Cholesterol is GOOD for your brain

Orthodox medicine, in their quest to rule the world and turn all of us into obedient zombies, says that cholesterol is bad for you. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

The brain has a great deal of cholesterol in it, and that is on purpose. Mother Nature is not corrupt and knows what She is doing.

Every patient should eat at least two eggs a day. See this Mercola video:
Mercola Video

Drink plenty of water

The above two protocols both kill many microbes. When these microbes die they release their own mycotoxins as they fall apart. Thus, it is necessary to flush them out by drinking water or other fluids. Otherwise, there will be new brain fog from the mycotoxins of the microbes that were killed by the treatment.