What causes autism?

After reading and listening to a great deal of information about autism, it seems to me that the best theory as to what causes autism is that there is a failure of the brain to metabolize serotonin.

Everyone produces serotonin in their body, which goes into the brain. Once in the brain, it is supposed to be metabolized and used. However, for a wide variety of illnesses, such as depression, if the serotonin is not metabolized there is a huge build-up of serotonin in the brain. This toxicity is manifest in different ways.

This theory is consistent with some of the known things that cause autism: food allergies and heavy metals (especially from vaccinations) in the body.

With both food allergies and heavy metals, the metabolism of serotonin could be suppressed.

There was an article in the press recently that there was evidence that vaccinations do not cause autism. The organization that compiled this article is heavily controlled by pharmaceutical industry, both directly and indirectly. Their “study” is meaningless. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that vaccinations are a major cause of autism.

While some people think it is the mercury in the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine), others think it is the measles virus itself.


  • “The theory suggests a complicated mechanism whereby measles virus infects and damages the gut causing a release of toxic materials which in turn attack the brain and cause autism; recent studies confirm the presence of measles virus in the gut of affected children.”
    http://www.healthwatch-uk.org/mmr.pdf (Adobe Acrobat file)

Whatever chain reaction is set in motion by the MMR vaccine, it ends up interfering with the metabolism of serotonin in the brain. This leads to very high levels of serotonin and autism.

The following quote comes from a congressional testimony:


  • “Jeana and Darrell Smith always loved children. For years they tried unsuccessfully to have children of their own before eventually Jeana became pregnant with identical twins. Born full term, and without any of the complications often expected in a multiple birth, their sons Jacob and Jesse seemed perfect in every way. At three months of age, the two children received their first DTP, polio, and H. influenza vaccines. From that day, Jacob's life became riddled with ear and upper respiratory infections. Despite his near constant state of illness and the endless barrage of antibiotics given to him, Jacob continued to meet every developmental milestone within the normal range, right along with Jesse.At 16 months of age, the twins received their first MMR vaccine. Although they had received the recommended dosage of Tylenol to prevent fever, over the following 24 hours, both had temperatures of 100 degrees and seemed lethargic. Whereas Jesse quickly got better and resumed his previous level of activity, Jacob began exhibiting strange behaviors. He was no longer excited when his father returned home from work. He became preoccupied with certain toys, meticulously studying the way their wheels would spin. Any attempt to interrupt or distract him was met with great resistance. Whereas his brother Jesse would be constantly chattering, Jacob lacked the ability to express even the simplest needs and wants. Despite reassurances from their pediatrician, Jeana and Darrell Smith were sure that something was wrong with their child.”


Thus, to “cure” autism, it is necessary to deal with the metabolism of serotonin.

This can most likely be affected with chlorella (which chelates mercury), and by knowing what foods an autistic patient is allergic to (i.e. what foods cause inflammation within the brain). In other words, a highly controlled diet is required.

In most cases, dairy products are the trigger which sets in motion an inflammation in the brain.


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